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Garment Repair Services

Compreli specializes in repairing and restoring garments, a circular business model that turns discarded clothes into shippable finished products. This reduces pre-consumer textile waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators, whilst allowing manufacturers to get full export value. By offering cost-effective and sustainable solutions, we help manufacturers and brands reduce waste, generate additional revenue, and achieve their sustainability targets. Our services are affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

Compreli has taken additional steps to reduce fashion waste by establishing another subsidiary called Wear N Repair. This subsidiary provides repair services to both brands and end consumers of fashion in the global north, helping to reduce post-consumer waste. Learn more.

We offer a comprehensive range of garment repair services, from simple fixes like replacing a zipper or button, to complex industrial-scale repairs such as reweaving holes, stain removal, color shading fixes, and mending of many other textile defects.

Compreli is committed to giving garments a new life every day.

Compreli started operations in 2018 and provide its repair services in Asia and in Africa, working mostly with top tier, some of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world. We have repaired and restored over 7 million garments thus far, equivalent to saving 7,000 mt of pre-consumer textile waste, 14,000 mt of CO2, 7 billion gallons of water whilst giving jobs to 150 people in Asia living below the poverty line.


To reduce pre-consumer and post-consumer fashion waste by repairing. We aim to create a world where consumers prioritize repair over replacement, recycling and discarding.


To provide our repair services at key textile manufacturing destinations around the globe and to become nominated repair partner for key brands